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Benfefits of Green Roofs

The articles below show the benefits of Green Roofs and rootop gardens:


Green Roof Benefits (includes videos shown below on left)

Why Green Roofs? Benefits?

What Are the Advantages of Greenroof Gardening?

Benefits and Advantages of Green Roofs for Building Owners

  1. Extend the life of the roof 2 to 3 times longer

  2. Reduce air conditioning costs by 75%

  3. Reduce heating costs by 23%

  4. Reduce stormwater runoff

  5. Reduce noise

  6. Generate income

  7. Provide local organic food

  8. Enhance community food security

  9. Foster greater sense of community

  10. Lower consumption of fossil fuels for food delivery

  11. NYC tax rebate programs for energy efficiency and green roofs

Click graphic on right below to watch video.

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