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Incas Potato Biodiversity

Dr. Vandana Shiva stresses the key role that biodiversity plays in protecting the  the health of the crops and earth as well as the world's food supply. The book and graphics below show the enormous diversity of potatoes that the Inca maintain to ensure crops in divese weather conditons and terrains. When the Irish ingnored this lesson in the 19th century and relied on just one type of potato, millions of people starved to death and millions had to emigrate.

The world must remember this lesson now as Monsanto threatens the world's food supply with its monocrops. The lesson is that when mono crops fail, people die. When whole nations depend on a moncorop, millions of people die. If the world depends on a few monogrops and any fail, billions of people will face starvation. There may be no place to go to escape as there was for the Irish. Mono crops destroy the soil and invite pests which require toxic pesticides -- to which pests become immune and the toxicity in our foods increases. Monocultures also require fertilizers which kill the life in our rivers, gulfs, and oceans. It becomes an agriculture that is a war against the soil, against the Earth.


That's why it is so important for each person, each family, each city, and each state to take steps now to i ncrease their food security by growing organic foods, saving and sharing seeds, and educating others. Growing some sprouts is a start. What each person does each day will help determine our fate now.

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