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Rishi Kumar: Growing Home

The Remarkable Kumar Family



Rishi, Manju, Rohit, Vinnie

One Family Revolution!


After Rishi studied at Dr. Vandana Shiva's Navdanya Farm in India for 7 months, he and his mother Manju converted their suburban tract home in Diamond Bar, California in 2009 into The Growing Home -- shown in the film Urban Fruit


The Growing Home began as a home garden with the idea that the way to change the world is to start in your own life. Rishi and Manju first created a small garden for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. In 2011, The Growing Home opened as an educational demonstration site.

The Growing Home, on 5,000 sq ft of arable land, produces 1,500 lbs of food a year. It is the largest permaculturally-designed suburban farm, with 50 exotic fruit trees, ponds, wetlands, chickens, rabbits, and beehives.

With a CSA, the Kumars now feed 15 families. They created The Growing Club whose YouTube Channel has over 70 videos and has inspired a host of like-minded projects. The Growing Club now plans to provide organic produce for healthfood stores across the nation!


Rohit co-founded Brush With Bamboo and Vinnie created Clean Planetware. The Kumars use the stainless steel plates, bowls, and cups inherited from a great, great grandmother.


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