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The article begins:

This is not about local food anymore.  It is about a push for everything local, to achieve true well-being of this country.  Across the board, localizing is showing it is the means to free us from debt, from corruption, from fear, from sickness, from control, from ignorance, from isolation and loneliness, from skill-llessness.

It is giving us neighbors again, real value in what we eat, buy, and do, and purpose within a close community. It is important to note that in every one of these areas, there are major government efforts to malign those involved, to block information, to use regulations and unconstitutional laws and/or police to crush these initiatives.


Here is a short list of some of the areas in which localizing is exploding.  They are coming from both the right and left but they all arrive in the middle because the intent is the same – to help people and communities be freer, safer, healthier, and thus happier.

The article concludes:


By seeing the series of ways the country is going local, we can suddenly see the immensely caring work and contribution of so many groups to the whole.


Across the political spectrum, people have been working tirelessly to protect us – by localizing our health, our money, our manufacturing, our legal rights, our schooling, our food, and even the defense of our lives.


Localization is not a small thing but THE thing to free us from the corrupt global corporate power.  Localization also brings us together, despite massive and malign efforts to divide and conquer. Together,  and knowing each other well at the local level, we can’t be defeated.

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