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Collaboration: State / Market / Commons

Global corporations now control more money than many countries and are powerful enough to dictate to governments. They are in a position to governments and are destroying the environment so rapidly in their pursuit of ever more profit that they threatening all life on Earth with the Sixth Extinction Level Event.


Capitalism is based on private property. The government controls state property. However, there is a third kind of property that most people today have forgotten was the predominate form of property just a few centuries ago. The English people held much of their property in Commons until the 18th century -- as did Native Americans.


The Return of the Commons is another form of property which protects the rights and needs of people in many ways ncluding to grow their own food. Capitalism cannot function without the Commons, but it takes them for granted and does not factor their destruction in their costs. The Commons are invisible to the Market because the Market relies exclusively on price to determine value -- and the Commons are literally priceless!


Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work shows the many types of Commons including the air, forests, and oceans which must be protected from pollution and destruction for all humanity now and in the future. The book  proposes changes in the law that will allow the government to protect common property just as the law and government protect private property.

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