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A Matter of Health: Organic Food Store Replaces Drug Store!

A Matter of Health Market is a family owned and operated Natural Food Store located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. From a somewhat humble beginning, A Matter of Health Market has grown to become the largest independent health food store in New York City. A Matter of Health Market offers an extensive array of the highest quality natural products and supplements, farm fresh produce, chemical free cosmetics and body care, and Homeopathic. It specializes in particular diets: organic, non-GMO, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Low Fat, Raw Foods, Low Sodium and more.


In 2012, A Matter of Health signed a long-term lease for around 9,000 square feet at First Avenue on the corner of 72nd Street.

Previously home to a Duane Reade pharmacy, the space is approximately 6,500 square feet larger than A Matter of Health's original home at the corner of First Avenue and 77th Street. The location allows A Matter of Health to stay within their current neighborhood where they have a strong following. A Matter of Health also has a 15,000 square foot store in Rockland Country.

Duane Reade has been one of the largest drug store chains in NYC since it opened its first store in the 1970s. The conversion of a drug store to an organic food store is a subtle, but powerful reflection of the Paradigm Shift.

As the public invests in health and prevention through good nutrition, there will be less need for drugs. This shift is driven by a bottoms-up, grassroots movement rather than top-down government policies.


Every dollar spent on food sends a message.

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