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The Sprout House offers a wide variety of certified organic sprouting seeds in addition to sprouters.  The assorted sprouting seeds are also available on AmazonThe 6-pack contains 4 ounces each of Salad Mix, Alfalfa, Holly's Mix, Mung Beans, Hard Wheat, and Broccoli. The 12-pack has 2 ounces each of Holly's, Rainbow Bean Mix, Wisdom Blend, Salad Mix, Veggie Queen Mix,
Hi Power Protein Mix, Bean Salad Mix, Lentils Together, Delaware County Mix, Jills Mix, Tasty Broccoli, Clover Mix. 

The book Homegrown Sprouts: A Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Step-by-Step Guide to Sprouting Year Round is described on Amazon describes as:

"Sprouts are the ultimate in local food—harvested no further away than your kitchen counter, they are fresh, delicious, and versatile. Homegrown Sprouts is the complete guide to growing your own sprouts. Choose the right sprouter for you, be it a jar,
a bag, or a tray, and learn the techniques to use it. Grow a wide variety of sprouts, including wheatgrass, leafy greens, mung beans, and alfalfa. Enjoy them on their own, or discover a variety of serving suggestions from salads to soups to juices. There’s even a chapter on sprouting for your pets. Whatever the season, Homegrown Sprouts will take you on a germinating journey that you won’t soon forget. When you learn how easy it is to grow nutrition-packed sprouts in your own home, you’ll want to use them in every dish you make!

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