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Raj Patel: How Will We Eat in The Future?         [Click graphics to watch video]

Raj Patel discusses a range of subjects including food sovereignty, gender equality, and agro-ecology. He shows a film that illustrates the food sovereignty emerging in Africa through greater participation by men in cooking.


In answer to a question, Raj pinpoints the year 1450 in Madeira as the starting point of capitilism and said that he is working on a documentary. He explains that capitalism began with the advent of cash crops -- food for export rathern than local consuomption, reliance onf markets (money) to buy food to eat. One consequence of capitalism is that over a billion people are hungy because they don't have enough money. Raj points out that capitalism not so much about money as it is about exchange. He discusses the need for reparations for colonization and slavery.


Raj says, "You get a sense of the arc of possibility through history".

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