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The Secret About Melaninated People

Europeans (Caucasians/Whites) are about 10% of the people on Planet Earth. The other 90% are often referred to as "non-White", "colored", "people of color" -- or described by skin color: Black, Red, Yellow, or Brown. A sense of shame was often assigned to being "non-White" since White was seen as the standard of beauty and European culture was seen as the most advanced. Everyone who is non-White has been portrayed as somehow inferior, stupid, ugly, primitive, uncivilized, etc.


However, a growing number of people with color in their skin are now defining themselves as "melaninated people". This shows their recognition of the enormous medical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social advantages of having melanin both in the skin and active neuro-melanin that facilitates sensitivity and Enlightenment. Melanin also produces melatonin and seratonin which regulate the sleep cycle.

People with fair skin (low skin melanin) may have high amounts of neuromelanin. However, Suzar says in Blacked Out Through Whitewash: "According to scientific research, most whites are unable to produce much of this hormone because their pineal glands are often calcified and non-functioning." The pineal calcification rates with Afrikans is 5-15%; Asians ­15-25%; Europeans ­60-80%!"  This may explain why Western civilization is the only major culture that has not had Enlightenment as its goal!

Importance of Pineal Gland: Melanin (Chemical Key of Life / Enlightenment)

The Pineal Gland, which produces neuro-melanin, is considered the seat of the soul. Egyptian pharaohs wore two snakes on their crowns to show that they were enlightened. The snakes represented the energy that rises through the spine and ignites in the Pineal Gland. David said that there are cells in the Pineal Gland that are similar to the cells in the retina of the eye. They are also wired into the vision cortex of the brain by the same type of wiring that we have from our eyes. So, the ancient traditions call the Pineal Gland the “Third Eye”.


White scientists believed that the Pineal Gland was a vestigial organ that had no current use and mainstream science says it doesn’t understand the function of the Pineal Gland. The book Why Darkness Matters: The Power of Melanin in the Brain says that White scientiest continue to dismiss Melanin as a "waste product"! However, it shows that the ancient Egyptians and Black scientists today understand that Melanin is the "chemical key of life"! When autopsies were done of Black soldiers who died in the Vietnam War in the 1960s, scientists discovered that they had Pineal Glands the size of their thumbs!

Scientific Evidence of Melanin Threatens White Supremacy

Suzar says in
Blacked Out Through Whitewash: "After considering Melanin to be a "waste" product of body-metabolism which "served no useful function," Western science has now discovered that Black Melanin (neuromelanin) is the chemical key to life and the brain itself. All the studies, facts, and statistics about Melanin suggest that after four hundred years of attempting to inferiorize the Black race, Western science is facing the sobering reality that, by its own self-defined standards, Black people are probably superior to whites in both intellectual potential and muscle coordination. The central role that melanin plays in the body has been suppressed to maintain the mythological inferiority of blacks...and the defensive clinging to whiteness as some token of superiority.

Calcification of Pineal Gland

The article Pineal Gland: A Cognitive Advantage for Africans points out:

Racial differences have been noted in the rate of pineal calcification as seen in plain skull radiographs. In Caucasians, calcified pineal is visualized in about 50% of adult skull radiographs after the age of 40 years (Wurtman et al, 1964); other scholars argue that Caucasians, in general, may have rates of pineal gland calcification as high as ­60-80% (King, 2001).


Murphy (1968) reported a radiological pineal calcification rate of 2% from Uganda, while Daramola and Olowu (1972) in Lagos, Nigeria found a rate of 5%. Adeloye and Felson (1974) found that calcified pineal was twice as common in White Americans as in Blacks in the same city, strengthening a suspicion that there may be a true racial difference with respect to this apparatus. In India a frequency of 13.6% was found (Pande et al, 1984)....

There is a surprising rarity of calcified pineal gland on skull roentgenograms in West Africans. Adeloye and Odeku (1967) working from a hospital where an average of about 2,000 skull roentgenographic examinations were done every year, encountered less than 10 cases of roentgenologically visible calcified pineal gland in the Neurosurgery unit during a period of 10 years. In the tasks of daily life, calcification in the pineal gland affects our brain's ability to function. Calcification of the pineal gland is shown to be closely related to defective sense of direction (Bayliss et al, 1985).

In Blacked Out Through Whitewash, Dr. Richard Kings states: "When we talk about cultural differences, some black scholars have raised the question that the European approach, that of the logical, erect, rigid, anti-feeling posture, reflects a left brain orientation and reflects that they lack the chemical key [melatonin] to turn on their unconscious and therefore cannot get into feelings..."

Carol Barnes writes "Melanin is responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, religion, truth, justice, and righteousness. Individuals (whites) containing low levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner." Melanin gives humans the ability to FEEL because it is the absorber of all frequencies of energy. Since whites have the least amount of Melanin, this is why they are perceived by People of Color as generally being rigid, unfeeling (heartless), cold, calculating, mental, and "unspiritual." Their historical behavior towards nonwhites often confirms this."

Hiding Importance of Pineal Gland / Melanin

The article Masonry in the USA: Part Four reports on a speech by an unnamed Moorish teacher:

Freemasonry is built on the twisting of the truth of Moorish (black) sciences. The secret power behind the West (USA and Europe) is based on the supreme wisdom derived from esoteric Islam. The European colonisers and enslavers usurped the knowledge of the Moors and created a nefarious system of control that blinds mankind to his true identity.”

True Moorish science is the effective counter to the freemasonic imposters and a force of truth, love, peace, freedom and justice. Moorish science is based on the truth and thus the findings of our ancestors were equally as useful in the past as they are today, and as they will be in the future. The Moors would make one understand their environment – the people, animals, plants, and nature.

After that, they would also make one understand what is inside him – the biology, chemistry, physics, and so on. The Moors would teach the laws of God and nature and these included the laws of polarity, laws of gravity, and laws of morality and so on. Each scholar would have an almost complete understanding of himself and the universe he inhabits. With this
background knowledge, the Moorish scholars would branch into different fields of study and become great teachers.

The first and most guarded secret of the Masons is knowledge of the organ known as the ‘pineal gland’. The pineal gland is the first gland to appear in a woman’s womb after conception. This gland was greatly treasured by the ancient blacks because they knew that it had a lot to do with the human being’s spirituality.

When in good condition, the pineal gland is full and juicy like  a grape. When in bad condition, the pineal gland resembles a raisin because it will be  dry and shrivelled. In the latter case, the pineal gland is said to be calcified. The pineal gland first acts as the seed of mankind because from this small single organ sprouts out the brain the spine, and then the rest of the body. The pineal gland is located in the geometric centre of our brain. It is also responsible for producing melanin in our bodies. Melanin is what distinguishes the black race from white race.


Moorish wisdom suggests that most of the Europeans have calcified pineal glands – the reason why they have no melanin.
After finding out that they had calcified pineal glands, to console themselves, the Europeans wrote that
the pineal gland is, but a vestige of our evolutionary past.They held this notion and assumed it to be true for all races until around the time of the American Vietnam War.  A large number of black Americans participated in this war and a number of them lost their lives as America was defeated by Vietnam. When autopsies were performed on the black soldiers, the surgeons found that most of them had healthy, un-calcified pineal glands.


Due to the fact that the information about this gland does not favour whites, but empowers blacks, the Masons and other white power structures have suppressed it. However, because the conical tower (the symbol of the pineal gland) is found in several ancient African sites like Egypt, Mali (Timbuktu), Zimbabwe and Mapungubwe, it is evident that our ancestors were indeed the original possessors of this precious information. Nowadays you can find modern pineal gland symbols in Washington DC (Whitehouse), England (Gherkin), Rome (Vatican), in Masonic lounges and on church tops in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece. However, neither the governments of the USA and Europe nor the Western churches have made the information of the pineal gland known to their black followers.


Knowledge of the carbon atom has also been suppressed yet carbon is the basic building block of all life on earth. The whole universe is made up of carbon and it is the black matter which gives pigmentation (colour) to humans, animals, plants and soil. If one looks outside at night, the whole universe is black. Man is connected to his environment through carbon and we are related to plants, animals and all things through our collective origins in the dark soil.

The black people are rich in melanin which is made out of carbon and this allows us to absorb and make use of the full spectrum of energy from the environment e.g. the sun’s energy. This is invaluable information revealed by Moorish science.



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