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What Caused Today's Problems: What is the Solution Now?

Americans on the left and right feel discouraged about the course of the country. The political, economic, religious, and racial divisions seem to be tearing the country apart. Occupy Wall Street complained that the economy serves on the 1%. The US has been at war in the Middle East for almost all of this century with no end in sight. Conflicts between Jews and Muslims remain unresolved. Conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Europe are escalating. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India China, South Africa) are seeking options outside the global system in which the US dominates the world. There seems to be no solution to these apparently intractable problems within the current system.

However, a growing number of European, American, and Native American analysts have identified the deep, historical causes of these problems -- and are pointing to solutions that are beginning to be implemented now.

Problem Analysis


European, American, and Native American analysts are pointing to the following causes of today's global problems:

  1. Yugas Cycle:

  2. Gambutas: Patriarchy of Indo-Europeans

  3. Edward Malkowski: Global cataclysm 12,000 years ago

  4. John Trudell: Inquisition

  5. Peter Grady: Focus on Greece Rather Than Egypt

  6. Black Athena

  7. Rene A Schwarz de Lubicz

  8. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

  9. Invention of Race in 1681

  10. Colonialism




Humanity got particularly off course in the last 500+ years with the start of the colonialism. That period included the genocide of the much of Native America, the theft of the Western hemisphere, the colonialization of Africa, India, and Australia, and the most brutal system of slavery in America the world has ever seen. Reconciliation has begun.

Western civilization is the only major culture that has failed to focus on Enlightenment. If we are to become a galactic civilization,wemust restore the original teachings given by the Egyptians.  The Olmecs are the "mother civilization" of the Americas and carried the culture of Egypt to the Western Hemisphere, The Moors carried the enlightened values of Egypt to Europe when they conquered Spain in 711AD and ruled for 700 years. They also carried the wisdom of the Egyptians.

So, we must turn now to the teachings of the Egyptians which so inspired the ancient Greeks. We must now re-learn the Principles of Maat and the Principles of Thoth that kept Egypt stable, enlightened, and prosperous for thousands of years


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