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We're Living (Unconsciously) in Ancient Egypt Now!

We are living in ancient Egypt in many ways without realizing it. The Founding Fathers of America were Masons who revered ancient Egypt and were trying to create a new Egypt in this hemisphere.


That's why the Washington Monument looks like an Egyptian obelisk and there is an Egyptian Pyramid on the back of our dollar bill. The Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore were inspired by Egyptian architecture. The Statue of Liberty is really a statue of Isis, one of the most revered Egyptian "Neters".


Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are derived from Egyptian philosophy. Our languages and alphabets come from the Egyptian language. To understand ourselves and to create a more harmonious future, we need a deeper understanding of ancient Egypt now.

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Four Levels of Understanding Ancient Egypt (Kemet/ Khemit)


Ancient Egypt is studied on the following four levels of depth:

  1. Traditional Archeology: Traditional archeologists maintain that the Giza pyramid was built in 20 years by a vast team of slaves dragging multi-ton blocks up ramps! The fact that this is physically impossible and defies common sense does not deter traditional archeologists from clinging to this view of history! They maintain that the pyramids are tombs although no mummies were ever found in the pyramids. They maintain that the Giza pyramid was built by/for Cheops although there is not verification of that idea. The work of these researchers is not included in this site.


  2. Alternative Archeology: A growing number of researchers and authors are revealing the profound wisdom of ancient Egypt that is encoded in the architecture. The work of these researchers is linked to in the  Egypt section.

    The documentary The Revelation of the Pyramids explains that to complete the construction of the Giza pyramid in 20 years as the traditional archeologists claim would have required two million megaton blocks to be moved and precisely positioned at the rate of about one every 2.5 minutes 12 hours a day for 365 days a year. However, even alternative archeologists restrict their investigations to the physical reality
    of ancient Egypt -- temples, statues, and pyramids.


  3. Kemetology: Since "Egypt" is a name derived from the Greek work "Aegitoptus", some Black American researchers prefer to call the country "Kemet", the name the people of ancient Egypt called their country which also means "Black" and is the source of our words "chemistry" and alchemy".. These researchers are "Kemetologists" and include Ashra Kwesi whose DVDs are at Kemet Nu Productions.

    Black Kemetolgists like Ashra Kwesi and Muata Ashby whose site is Egyptian Yoga, take groups on tours of  Egypt every year. .Their books and DVDs get to the heart and soul of ancient Egypt -- and its connection to the Western world. In his DVD
    The Afrikan Origin of Western Freemasonry, Kwesi exposes how the Masons and US Founding Fathers copied ancient Egyptian architecture and symbols in myriad ways -- and hide a HUGE secret about the wonders of Black histoy..

    Stephen Mehler also calls himself a "Khemitologist" because he was a disciple and close friend of Egyptian-born Egyptologist and indigenous wisdom keeper, Dr. Abd’El Hakim Awyan (1926-2008), popularly known as "Hakim". Starting at age six, Hakim studied with the Sufi masters in the temples and later got dual degrees in archeology and Egyptology. Hakim served as the senior tour guide in Egypt for 56 years and was fluent in seven languages – including the ancient Khemitian language called “Suf”. Hakim died in 2008 at age 82.

    Hakim believed that a new age was dawning, and the time had come to share this sacred and carefully guarded information with us all! He was widely sought after to lead many spiritual groups during his more than 30 years working as a tour guide. Those who were fortunate enough to travel with him were introduced to an entirely different story of Egypt’s amazing and powerful past than they read in their books.


  4. Sacred Science Videos: The Sacred Science videos of Canadian Jordan Duchnycz (aka Jordan Pearce) show that ancient Egypt can only be fully understood when the concept of dimensions is taken into account. Sacred Science videos which present ancient Egypt from the Fourth Dimension are linked to on the Sacred Science page.

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"The Truth can require a little flexibility in your belief system because the more we get into this stuff, the more we find out that everything we think we know is nothing more than a fairytale –- and the real world is far more interesting, far more complex, and far more wondrous than we could ever imagine.."


DAVID WILCOCK, Triple NYTimes Best-Selling Author


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