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Haitian Revolution Saved America!

Few Americans realize that the United States might not exist at all today -- and certainly not in its present form if it were not for the tiny island of Haiti! In his 2017 DVD 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti, filmmaker Tariq Nasheed shows that the Haitian revolution, led by Jean Jacques Dessalines, defeated not only Napoleon "greatest general"), but also England and Spain at the same time! The US had barely been able to defeat the British in 1776. Yet, a tiny island nation defeated three mighty empires that greatly coveted the rich land -- the prize of the hemisphere!

Because the Haitian revolution bankrupted France, Napoleon had to sell his territory in the Western hemisphere. President Jefferson was able to make the Louisiana Purchase which immediately almost doubled the size of the US -- adding 7 new states and parts of 8 others! Had Napoleon held onto that territory, the land would have been split between English and French (and Spanish) speaking peoples as Canada is now. With the acquisition of that land, the US was able to also acquire the Oregon Territory and later Alaska. The country also increased by one third with the war with Mexico.


None of that would have been possible without the defeat of France by Haiti! In fact, had France won that war with Haiti, it may have attacked a weak US. Spain and England may have joined that fight -- and the US might not exist at all today!


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