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Sacred Science Video: Ancient Egypt

Jordan Duchnycz (aka Jordan Pearce) founded Sacred Science in 2011. He is a freelance animator, motion designer, and game designer in Winnipeg, Manitoba who has been doing animation since he was 13,


The Sacred Science videos use a cartoon character to provide a profound insight into a wide variety of topics that are far beyond the information available even from the most cutting-edge alternative Egyptologists!

Tehuti (Djehuti), the ancient Egyptian neter (god), is always depicted with the head of an Ibis. He is described in the video below as a higher dimensional being. That helps explain his gift of writing and science to the ancient Egyptians. This info provides deeper insight into our history.


The Greeks called him "Hermes Three Times Great" and "Thoth" -- origin of our word "thought". He is known for The Seven Hermetic Principles. His wisdom was reintroduced into Europe in the 15th century with the discovery of "The Hermetica" which sparked the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Protestant Reformation, and later the Industrial Revolution. 

Click the graphic on the left below to watch the Sacred Science video on ancient Egypt.

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