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Indo-European (Kurgan) Invasion

The Saami are indigenous people in the Arctic encompassing parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Russian Kola Peninsula The northernmost indigenous people of Europe, they are in the “Fourth World” that spans the North Pole from Siberia to Alaska. The Saami are reindeer herders whose traditional homes are yurts (tipis) and log cabins. They are dependent on the reindeer in the same way the Plains Indians in the Western Hemisphere depended on the buffalo -- except that the Saami also use the reindeer for transportation!


The thrilling 1987 film Pathfinder, the first in the Saami language, documents the story of their founder and shows the similarity of the Saami’s lifestyle and worldview with those of Native American cultures. It is a fantastic ski film that shows that the Saami were overcome at the time of their founder by an aggressive European tribe they call the Kurgans.

These are the patriarachal warlike Indo-Aryans who came out of the Caucasus and overran many peaceful European matriachal tribes. The Kurgans were studied by Marija Gambutas, author of many books including The Kurgan Culture and the Indo-Europeanization of Europe.


Many indigenous cultures across Europe were later destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church or were forced to convert to Christianity. Those who did not submit -- including Christian Cathars and Knights Templar -- experienced genocide during the brutal Inquisition that lasted several centuries and still affects our thinking today. This was the precursor to the destruction of the indigenous cultures of the Americas and Australia as well as the enslavement of Africans.

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